1. levithain asked: What man in his right mind wouldn't be turned on by you and not want to have sex with you any chance he's given???? You're an amazing woman with a killer body and lovely personality.


    Try dating me for seven years and having me bother you four times a day to drop what you are doing to have sex with me…. For people who don’t *enjoy* sex that much the way that I do? They get annoyed -  My ex used to actually yell at me for going on down on him while he was sleeping …. He would get upset with me for taking my clothes off and climbing on top of him while he watched TV because he wanted to watch TV….

    If Kurt and I had anything going for us….? We were unbelievably passionate towards one another - We were both obsessed with eachother…… We spent many a weekend, shut in the apartment, just spending time together naked, even towards the end of our relationship…. Lazy naked sex time in bed is IMPORTANT to me - I don’t necessarily need someone AS sexually matched as Kurt… But I need to be with someone that doesn’t tell me “No” …

    Your blogs are always informative! How refreshing to hear a woman being accountable and forthcoming about her sexual needs

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